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We love our children and we do this unconditionally just to be assured that their growing-up is beautiful and without any obstacles. With this focus, we get into the quest of fulfilling their smaller and bigger needs day after day at the same time trying to nurture values of life. However, to build a bond that revolves around emotion and understanding a holistic approach is required to sustain it and a little guidance is all that one needs. In fact, it has been o a recent survey that parents have admitted that parenting is not a natural phenomenon and does not come naturally to parents but like any other skill, it also needs to be learnt for the desired outcomes.

Dr.Shilpa Gupta


On a cusp of great compassion, endless love and happiness abound, the logo binds together the human entity as one where experiences, interactions and learnings lend a new direction and meaning to the life. A child at the centre is making it whole and complete.

Each component signifies different parts of life’s journey and is threaded together to symbolise a nurtured soul.

The fine lines on either side embody the tide of emotions like love, gratitude, compassion, urge to learn that humans wade through to comprehend the purpose of being whole.

About Dr.Shilpa

It’s her perceptible composure, the spontaneity of connecting with parents and an ever-affable personality that make Shilpa Gupta a natural parenting coach.

More than 2000 parents, 550 caretakers and 400 teachers would vouch for her experiential training and teaching methods that have been able to positively impact rearing up and well-being of thousands of children in this country.

Last 9 years have been phenomenal and exciting for this passionate, ardent and dedicated parenting coach where she was invited to carry out programmes and workshops for various corporate groups like GMR, Bharat Petroleum and NGOs like SOS Children’s Villages for the social good.

She is also the Associate Director of Centre for Child and Adolescent Wellbeing (CCAW), a multi-speciality Institute for Child Mental Health, Delhi and training Director for Love Humanity International.

Well covered across leading media like India Today, Zee TV etc for her inspiring workshops, talks and lectures Shilpa Gupta has been bestowed with different parenting epithets by publications and channels for effectively bringing the parenting in the mainstream.

Accolades have also come in plenty – she was awarded ‘The LBF Visionary Award of Excellence’ for her contribution to the field of Parenting in October 2012. In 2013, she became one of the Global Presence Ambassadors representing India for the humanitarian community service arm of Parenting 2.0. During the 6th National Women Excellence Awards 2013, she was honoured with the Nav Kiran Award for selfless work for women and underprivileged in the field of parenting. In 2014, she became a Certified Matrix Reprinting practitioner and in 2016, an EFT Trainer


Dr.Shilpa Gupta
Dr.Shilpa Gupta
Dr.Shilpa Gupta
Dr.Shilpa Gupta
Dr.Shilpa Gupta