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6 Parenting Tips for Creating a Happy Family
Dr.Shilpa Gupta

6 Parenting Tips for Creating a Happy Family

Let’s start today’s discussion by finally agreeing on that ‘While no parent is perfect, all parents can improve their success average!’ Bringing up children in a way that they remain well-mannered and disciplined is every parent’s dream. And also at the same time, making them realize our expectations from them as parents is something every reader would like to get more insights about.

Therefore, it is very important that we accept that bringing up a child is a consistent and ongoing task which needs every parent to develop skills that help them with their parenting endeavours. Although we sometimes get acquainted to these parenting skills through our own experiences, or by talking to friends, but at a point where none of these skills work, it’s better to call in an expert who can provide clarity to the problem you are facing with your children.

In this article, we are going to provide you six best parenting tips you can straightaway employ in your daily life and begin to see better results. So without any further ado, let’s get into the article!


1.      Be Patient with your Child

Patience comes from 3 factors- believing in your self and your parenting style, learning and gaining knowledge in Parenting and knowing your child. You don’t always have to be after your kids with a new rule every time they do something wrong. Communicate that particular act to your child in a sincere way and let him know that it is not the correct manner or thing to do. Reasoning is important here. Reasoning not from your world but from child’s world.  Your rules and regulations will be highly appreciated by your child if they come along with a reason. Parenting won’t be effective in times of conflict. Therefore, setting the boundaries when a child is receptive is the best advice you can take back home. Stay consistent in your patterns of paying attention to your child’s behaviour, and always stay patient and optimistic.


2.      Children imitate what they observe

Children learn by watching and not by listening to instructions. They have a tendency to imitate whatever reactions and responses they observe at home, with peers, on television or just anywhere. But hey! They don’t limit that to just a mere observation, they act out the reactions and responses as well. Imitation is a normal child development phenomenon. Children don’t care about the context in which that reaction came into being. So we should be very careful with our conservations, moods and actions; as you never know what your child picks up. All these information that the child is observing is getting accumulated in his mind For a child parents are the role models so they believe and accept the parents behaviours as the right behaviours . Thus, Parents, who speak to each other in a critical and reactive manner, subtly teach the similar patterns to their child. So from now on, watch your conduct at home!


3.      Structure is Necessary

A predictable structure brings self discipline in the child which is the essence of parenting. Loosely structured day will create restlessness in him/her. If there’s nothing to look forward to for the child, he may probably develop a bad behaviour. If you want your child to remain calm and develop skills like self-control, then we highly recommend you to assign routine tasks and habits for your child. Execute these routine tasks and habits without fail. Consistency is the key here. Every good habit that you want your child to develop will only come by incessant consistency. Always have a discussion with your child about how the day would be like and what all things are there to look forward to. A Structured day will keep the worries away!


4.      How Assertive can you become?

Assertiveness can take you very far with your parenting endeavours. It is a mandatory quality in a care giver, in your case, a parent. Consistent assertiveness without being rude and energising good behaviour can help you achieve great leaps in your parenting skills. What does it include? Firm voice, non intimidating-gestures and consistency are among the most important attributes.


5.      Proper communication to prevent Chaos

Communication is one of the most talked about skill in the parent counselling field and yet we have seen parents fail at it miserably. Communication is undoubtedly one of the most important pillars in building a great parent-child relationship. To establish rapport and discipline with your child, clear communication can be of major help. There are times when we ask ourselves why do children not understand the kind of behaviour they are expected to show? And more often than not, the fault is in us, not communicating the desired behaviour well enough to be understood by a child. Communication is a two way process. While you are communicating your desired behavioural attributes to the child, you should always be open to his questions. Listening and engaging with their questions will only help you rise in respect in their eyes. Clarity in communication is vital to bring up a child.


6.      Did you take care of yourself?

The bottom line of all the relationships in this world and all the happiness that comes along is that you cannot make someone else happy if you are not happy in the first place. You need to take care of yourself and your needs. Do what it takes to keep yourself happy if you want to raise a happy child. Have hobbies and a social life. We understand that your child is your priority and your family is the centre of your world, but it is so very important to understand your responsibility towards your own self. There’s no doubt that when you incorporate this approach to yourself, you will always perform best at parenting. If you want to get the best out of yourself as a parent, then start focussing on yourself as well.

Raising a child can be a challenging task and sometimes you might feel like giving up. But you should understand that a systematic and structured way can help you achieve major breakthroughs and make your life as a parent, joyous.


We hope we brought great value to you through this article. For more, subscribe to our newsletter and always stay ahead in the game of Parenting!

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