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5 Crucial Common Sense Parenting Tips
Dr.Shilpa Gupta

Well, does that mean everyone should go for a professional parenting expert? That’s debatable. No matter how you look or perceive your ‘parenting resume’, you will always excel in certain areas that can help you bring up your child successfully.

Through this article we will provide you with five crucial C’s of common-sense parenting tips.

So without any further ado, let’s get into the content and enhance our parenting skills just by using common sense!


1.      Companion- Indulge in the world that your Kids live in.

Parents, your kids are living in a whole new and different world than the one you grew up in. Back in the good ol’ days, there was no internet, cell phones were a completely new technology and television was a luxury not everyone could afford. Today, our kids are surrounded with all sorts of technological advancements. Your kids are consuming ungodly amount of content online and effectively being a part of this digital era. Ask yourself; are you even aware of what your kids are consuming? The digital world is a reality and your kid is living it. Try to be the person your child can share his online experience with; talk to him about what’s in trend and what he likes watching or listening to. Get to know your kids’ friends and monitor their access to the online world. In simple words, plug in yourself into your kid’s world and stay aware of their online behavior.


2.      Converse - Always have the conversation you are running away from.  

For many parents, conversation with kids means giving children instructions as do’s and don’ts during daily routine. Recent studies on parenting and its effect on child’s behavior has brought us to a conclusion – the less you converse with your child at home, the more he gets into trouble outside. A lot of parents don’t understand that the root of all the major issues they have with their kids is a lack of communication. A healthy environment can be created with daily sharing and talking with kids on various issues. Giving instructions or warnings to your child with a worried, fearful or upset tone does no good to the child. Children mentally start blocking their parents out as they feel that the parents do not understand and keep nagging. Kids tantrums, arguments, comments, misbehaviours or aggression becomes so overwhelming that sometimes a parent avoids conversation with their kids. Your running away from a conversation will result in him bumping into troubles. Be calm and also, when you are having a conversation, back it up with logical reasons so that your kid understands the reason why you are having a certain discussion. Spread out your thinking and allow them to learn from you and your experiences.


3.      Connect- Talking about irrelevant things is relevant to your parenting goal.

Most of the parents we encounter have one common complaint. It’s that their kid does not participate in their conversation. The primary reason why this happens is because your kid is not interested in the topics you chose for a conversation! It’s absolutely great if you want to talk about something informative and educative. But to know a child, you have to talk about topics that appeal to the child. Isn’t it obvious? Give yourself an opportunity to step into his world and get to know him from his perspective. That way, you will have an access to bond with your child because now he will look up to as someone he can share his feelings to. This will eventually help you have those tough conversations we talked about earlier. Not to miss that environment is a great influencing factor. Believe it or not, but your kid has a lot of friends who he looks up to. His friends tell him what he wants to hear or he may blindly believe them because of the bonding or influence. The child wants to be accepted by peers and likes to create his/her identity. With this kind of scenario, a parents role is extremely important and crucial to neutralize the peers influence. For bonding, a parent may also need the qualities of sharing, communication, logical reasoning, openness to listen to their child and being non-judgmental. Remember, connect is an ongoing process and not a one-day affair.


4.      Consistent - Be who you are

Kids do what they observe. If you start making good decisions, they’ll learn to make them, too. For this reason, so much emphasis is given on parent being a role model. Kids learn at sub conscious level and it comes out naturally for them when required. They may appear to be busy in playing but they are listening and watching you constantly on your verbal and nonverbal communication with other family members and with people in society or social circle. By being consistent in your behavior your child can learn a lot of life skills and social skills very naturally. When you say sorry for a mistake you teach your child to take ownership of wrong decisions and mistakes as well as have the courage to speak the truth. When you act what you preach, you teach your child integrity. Being consistent brings ease in parenting.


5.      Create opportunity - Empower your kids to make decisions.

Building self-confidence and self-esteem in a child is very important and most parents find it difficult to accomplish. One great way to do that is by allowing the child to take decisions. Once the child has learnt from watching you take a decision and carrying out an action, then allow him to take decisions and execute the task independently. Kids should not feel like they are subject to incessant parental guidance. Kids, when made responsible for a task, observe a growth in self-confidence and are likely to do better in life. You need to be mindful for not confusing decision-making skill with following instructions skill. The power of decision making should be specific to a task, age appropriate and meant to increase the confidence in the child.

So here were the five crucial C’s in common-sense parenting tips that you can go home and deploy right away! We hope you loved the article and found it valuable. For more such useful articles subscribe to our newsletter and stay ahead in the parenting game!

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