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Punishment refers to any change that occurs after a behaviour that reduces the likelihood of that behaviour occurring again in the future. Discipline is an appropriate alternative to punishment. Discipline is used to teach and guide. Effective discipline helps children learn to control their behaviour so that they act according to their ideas of what is right and wrong, not because they fear punishment. For example, they are honest because they think it is wrong to be dishonest, not because they are afraid of getting caught. The purpose of punishment is to stop a child from doing what you don’t want – and using a painful or unpleasant method to stop him.


Course Features

Participants: Parents, Psychologists, Social Workers, CCI caretakers

Cater to: all age groups

Skills: 4

Exercises: 2

Duration: 6 hours

Resources: Reading material

Workshop style: Experiential

No. Of Participants: 10 and above

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