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It’s Ok To Be Angry……

Anger is one of our primary emotions. Young children express anger by indulging in biting other children over a toy, stomping their feet when they don’t wish to go home/school; teens who burst out at the sound of “homework”. Anger is a natural human emotion; it is one of many responses to express when frustrated and prevented from reaching personal goals. As anger is a universal emotion, it is appropriate to conclude that there is nothing wrong with feeling angry. The problem arises when anger leads to inappropriate actions or behaviour. The problem, then, is not being angry but dealing with angry feelings in an ineffective way. Parents worry when their children struggle with anger.


Benifits /Outcomes:

It’s a live experience of an angry outburst. An unforgettable learning experience for parents with understanding the gaps in handling anger management .The Role-play supports the learning. A skill once learnt works in all relationships. It helps the child to identify his behaviour and thus shows improvements in future. It will help the care taker to deal with the child’s anger outbursts effectively and guide the child to identify alternative ways of venting out or expressing concerns. It will also help the person communicate with the child to avoid/manage the anger outbursts.

Course Features

Participants: Parents, Psychologists, Social Workers, CCI caretakers

Cater to: Children of all age groups

Skills: 2

Exercises: 2

Duration: 6 hours

Resources 6 hours: Reading material

Workshop style: Experiential

No. Of Participants: 10 and above

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