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They can involve spectacular explosions of anger, frustration and disorganised behaviour. There might be crying, screaming, stiffening limbs, an arched back, kicking, falling down, flailing about or running away. In some cases, children hold their breath, vomit, break things or get aggressive as part of a tantrum. This is because children’s social and emotional skills are only just starting to develop at a toddler’s age. Children often don’t have the words to express strong emotions. They want more independence but fear being separated from caregivers. So tantrums are one of the ways that young children express and manage feelings, and try to understand or change what’s going on around them.


Course Features

Participants: Parents, Psychologists, Social Workers, CCI caretakers

Cater to: 1yr to 3yrs

Skills: 2

Exercises: 2

Duration: 6 hours

Resources: Reading material

Workshop style: Experiential

No. Of Participants: 10 and above

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