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Responsible Childcare

Research conducted by Women and Child Development Department, Government of India, in 2007 showed that

  • 66% of India’s children suffer from severe physical abuse, not counting being hit with the hand;
  • 53.22% suffer from sexual abuse before reaching 18 years of age from someone they know or who is in a position of authority; and
  • 50% suffer from severe psychological abuse.

These figures are staggering and now new laws have been made in regards to the care, protection and development of children.

While steps like banning of corporal punishment in homes and schools has been introduced, Teachers/ parents are faced with an overwhelming occupational/ parenting hazard. Teachers/ Parents are expected to deal with bullying which is no longer happening just in the school playgrounds but also in unrelated cyber space. Increase in child suicide rates, impact of TV & internet invading child innocence, peer and parent pressure is all dealt in the classroom. To top it all, there is inversion of power whereby teachers can only handle students with kid gloves no matter what mistakes they make, so their ability to teach and communicate with children is more challenged. Some teachers can handle unruly children and others cave in to the pressure. While everybody knows what not do but no one is sure of what else and how to do that. Teachers/ Parents need reinforcement for their basic nurturing and shaping expressions to develop emotion-coping mechanisms, self esteem and confidence building initiatives among children.

There is growing awareness about child sexual abuse, still teachers and parents wonder how to talk with their children about the subject. One of the main concerns is ‘What would be age appropriate information for the child, which does not rob his/her innocence?’


Love Humanity International (LHI), an educational charitable trust in India, has a solution that brings order to the chaos, strengthens child care givers, and assists empowerment of children to grow into self-reliant citizens of tomorrow. This is accomplished through an educational program for individuals who have or provide care for children. The program is called Responsible Childcare® (RC) which addresses issues of communication, discipline, and decision-making, relationships, self-control and school success



The objective of this program is to ensure happier children giving out their best potential and displaying their various coping skills in a loving, stress free, abuse free environment.

The components of RCC program:

1. Common Sense Parenting® (CSP) developed in 1986 by Girls and Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska in the USA for parents, teachers or childcare givers. CSP has been modified, with permission, for India. The program is taught in over 15 countries, including India. Since 2004, it is estimated that 140,000 children and families have been touched in India by this program.

It is an hands-on training program in a group setting where individuality and uniqueness of each participant is emphasized working on their strengths and weaknesses. Also building on their existing skills and learn new ways to deal with challenging behaviors of children. The program's logical strategies and easy-to-learn techniques address issues of communication, discipline, decision-making, relationships, self-control and school success. CSP is useful to teachers as it equips them with the skills they require for better student management.

2. Reproductive Health, developed by UNICEF and other organizations, is a general overview to educate parents & childcare providers how to teach children about this sensitive subject. The programme also teaches various skills on how to talk about the prevention of child sex abuse. This is done by encouraging teachers and parents to learn a subtle ways to handle this issue…in form of stories.

3. Preventive Healthcare with emphasis on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention is developed by UNICEF and other organizations. This segment arms parents, teachers and childcare providers on how to talk about and teach children how to prevent various diseases.

Benefits for Teachers:

1. Teachers learn how to use alternative clear specific teaching techniques and to give effective consequences to increase acceptable behaviours and decrease problem behaviors.

2. Teachers learn alternative ways on how to open effective lines of communication with the children they teach.

3. Teachers achieved more positive results with the students regardless of the child’s age, race, religion or socioeconomic class.

Benefits for Parents:
All parents who attended the program reported:

a. Their child’s behaviour problems had decreased
b. They felt more positive about their children
c. Their family functioned better
d. Their children were happier at home and outside

Benefits for the school:

1. Offering this program the school gets perceived in the market as a holistic educational provider.
2. RC program has direct relation to the output of its participants resulting in more fulfilled and successful children which is the aim of every school and every parents dream.
3. Teachers become more enthusiastic and have a more focused positive attitude to their job delivery.


It is believed that the program will, over time, have a gradual and sustained impact on the greater society. There is an ongoing longitudinal multicentre clinical research with joint initiative of Love Humanity International from August 2009 onwards.

Parents who took course a year back with Dr. Shilpa Gupta and no follow-up after the course reported:

  • Using some form of the skills even after 1yr: 86.6%
  • Better emotional outburst handling : 68.7%
  • Increased communication with their children: 50%

1. The recommended and proven format for the 14 hours of training is:
• Seven (7) sessions of two (2) hours each.
• Conducted once a week over seven (7) weeks.
2. Seminar- of the above program. Its duration is 2 days.

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