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In a recent study it has been revealed that 93.33% of the employees suffer from stress. This is the result of a moderate level job stress and managing the home front wherein the bringing up of children, their studies and emotional needs to be catered without any compromises. Work and home go hand in hand, so does parenting and work. The art is how to strike a balance between the two.

How do you break the shackles of a life chained in a maze of emotions? A short programme that for a new beginning where emotions will not take better off you. So here we are with a tailored made programmes specially designed to suit the need of an organization which prefers to have shiny happy people at workplace.

Bridging the gap between personal and professional life

Programmes We Offer

Living An Impactful Life

Understand the secret of making the most of this life by creating a harmonious balance

between personal and professional being.Straddling between two necessities of life? How to create a harmonious relationships at both the fronts

Stress Management

Demystify stress and push your worries away

Handling Emotions Powerfully

Harness the power of your emotions and take control of your life

Empowering Working Parents

Programmes We Offer

Building Blocks Of Parenting: Knowing My Child Better

This session of the workshop will identify the gaps in the parenting process. It will also help the participants/parents to understand their parenting style. Through this workshop, a parent will be able to empty out his/her pre-conceived perceptions about parenting to be able to absorb the nuances of rearing up her child in her own way.

Redefining Communication

This workshop will be an organic follow up to the first session. As we know that parents are engaged in a sort of continuous inner dialogue with their children which assumes a lot of their mind space with little success in outer communication. Thus, the workshop will focus on strengthening parent's emotional state while managing their kids and will impart parents the techniques to deal with them effectively.

Acquiring Parenting Skill Set

An important aspect of raising happy families, this workshop will equip parents with the skills and techniques to build a positive and healthy relationship with their child thus boosting their self-confidence. Various social skills will be imparted to the parents to effectively leverage them to enhance child’s social skills like accepting no as an answer, getting along with others, conversational skills etc.

Importance of rapport building

Relationship building is a process evolving from the ability to handle day to day challenges smoothly, comfortably and confidently. This session will cover various issues like and skills needed for rapport building with the child.

Tantrum Handling And Anger Management

Handling younger kids’ tantrums and teenagers’ anger can be extremely challenging. In this session we practice the technique of managing misbehaviour without getting upset, screaming or punishing the child.

Programs WE Offer

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